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Why should I use InstaSlide?

Instead of visiting a remote site just to read a slide, simply ask a technician to scan it and show it to you instantly online to save a lot of travelling time!

Because manual slide scanning is much more affordable than motorized scanners, it can be set up even on sites where telemicroscopy is not used regularly. 

For manual scanning, see

Read slides anywhere!

Share difficult slides with your colleagues for a second opinion. They just need a browser to look at the scan of your slide. Reading slides is very fast, even on slow internet connections.

Show slides to anyone!

Avoid uploading!

Uploading your scans to pathology cloud platforms takes a lot of time. Additionally, you never know what happens to your precious data once it is in the cloud.

Image Quality!

The InstaSlide web viewer does not use the traditional screen sharing technology used by some telemicroscopy solutions. As a result, the image quality is superior to traditional techniques. 

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